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New: Early Access to Beta Features in





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Early Access features are now available in, under "Features".

In this section, users will now have the opportunity to toggle on new features to use in their store. Note: features in this section are in Beta, and will be subject to change as testing and feedback is implemented.

Features currently available in this section include:

  • No Stop Words: When toggled on, this feature allows you to remove "stop words" from the Search your webshop, should it make sense to include the words typically removes based on your customers' search behaviors.

  • Order Scoring: Order scoring allows users to boost the impact of order history on Search, vs. the current balance between keywords and order history. This feature may be useful if purchase behaviors should be weighed heavily vs. keywords based on your customers' search habits.

Early Access features allow users to test these new features in their live stores, and the opportunity to provide feedback on the functionality and use cases based on their store needs.