Design Editor Improvements

New features:

  • Vertically align content of any element.
  • Added Load more results button to full search page default design.
  • All Design Components now gets a unique id and class clerk-design-component-ID to easier alow for advanced custom styling via CSS.
  • Easily style keyboard navigation highlights for Instant Search.


  • All our Instant Search designs are now optimized for full responsiveness.
  • The Design Editor now shows exactly what you would see on your website (before it was just a mockup).
  • Fixed Design Editor drag-n-drop breaks if scrolling.
  • All clickable elements now have the cursor pointer.
  • The Design Editor, now only shows the style of the device type that's selected for preview.
  • Fixed component breaks if you type the wrong value.
  • Added quotes around images when inserted so URLs of some formats won't break.