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UI brush up in




Today we are releasing a number of small UI improvements to

UI brush up 2023-01.png

The main changes are:

  • Delete buttons are now hidden under a dropdown button in tables and on edit pages (see screenshot above)
  • The main buttons of edit pages have been placed to the top right corner of the page
  • Warning messages when pressing delete have been streamlined throughout the application
  • The design for search fields has been updated
  • Improved form validation, making mandatory fields more visible with a star for example.
  • Streamlining size of headers for different UI elements.

Enjoy πŸ˜‰

Configure extensions directly from your admin




As an eCommerce business you likely find yourself navigating many systems every day.

The sheer amount of apps, plugins and admin panels that work together on most modern eCommerce sites, can make it hard to remember where to make the changes you want.

With our latest improvement we strive to make this just a little easier, by introducing extension settings in

With this nifty feature, you can make changes to any part of your integration from our backend, without switching back and forth to other admin panels.

Bonus: It makes it MUCH easier for our 5-star rated support team to help you, as they have immediate access to your settings, if you require assistance.

Available for the below platforms, from the specific version and up:

New Design Template Library




Different shops, different design preferences.

We know that one size does not fit all.

That's why we just released a bunch of new, awesome Design Templates that make it easy for you to get started with building your new Search & Recommendations.

All are based on industry-leading design standards meant to optimise your conversions! Use them as they are, or continue building on them to personalise your webshop.

See how to get started here. can now host subscribers!




Previously, sending automated emails with relied on continuously syncing the subscriber status from a feed or an email client.

This is no longer necessary - Clerk can now host subscribers directly within the platform!

Through subscriber forms, users can subscribe to global email marketing or specific lists that can be used when sending Newsletters and Campaigns through Clerk.

Further, you have access to an easy-to-read dashboard that gives you a quick insight into how your subscriber base is developing, so you can make sure that your email marketing is working!

Check the full documentation here.

New CRUD Endpoints: Work with all your data in real time!




eCommerce businesses become more and more complex with many platforms working together for the webshop to function.

Keeping systems like in sync with your webshop is crucial to ensuring your customers see the right results.

That's why we are proud to present the latest addition: New API endpoints with CRUD functionality.

Each type of data can now be handled equally, through resource-specific endpoints that all support GET, POST, PATCH and DELETE requests.

This gives you unparalleled control of your data and also allows you to send data from multiple platforms including PIM and POS services.

Check the full documentation here.

Customer Analytics Dashboard




Customer analytics are at the heart of helping you understand who your customers are, how they behave and also drive acquisition and retention. Overall this insight will provide better, more personalized experiences for your customers.

We created the Customer Analytics Dashboard to give you access to these insights at your finger tips and cannot wait to see how you use it. Catch more on this feature here. has released the Design Editor across all products! πŸŽ‰




The visuals of your site are important when it comes to customers browsing your store. Building a brand heavily revolves around using the right colours and having a coherent webshop.

As an eCommerce business you may find that you have little time and resources to put into things like the visual styling of designs and we know finding and hiring a developer is expensive.

This is why we have released our design editor across all of our products. Whether you want to create a new design from scratch or edit an existing one, with our Design Editor, even non-technical people can create and edit the most necessary parts of their product and email designs through an easy to use interface.

We can't wait to see what you can create! πŸŽ‰

Customized Search




You may find at times you want to take control of every aspect of what is shown in your live search and search page based on user input. A search that not only shows particular products but shows certain suggestions, categories and pages.

We have released our Customised Search that gives you complete control of your search when needed.

Customised Search will allow you to choose exactly what to show based on any keyword search. Whether this is pinning a single product or creating a completely customised result for your live search and search page entirely.

Creating custom results has never been easier with our customised search. Check out more information on how to use this feature here.

Company Overview Dashboard




You may have multiple stores or companies that you use with Having access to an overview of all your stores/companies and the important data that you need, will save you time by quickly highlighting where you need to focus your attention when making critical business decisions.

This is why we have built the Company Overview dashboard.

Whether you want to check total revenue, just want to see if all your stores have synced successfully or view the overall performance you can get all this information at the click of a button!

Check out more information on this new feature here.

Sign In With Google




As an eCommerce business you know how important security and protecting your data is, especially when sharing it with third party apps like

Suffering a breach of your login details could cause significant damage to your online business. Having a safe and secure way for you to access your data in is of immense importance to us.

That’s why we have multiple ways to log in to, and have now added the option to sign in using your Google account, which greatly reduces the risk of any breaches. Keeping your eCommerce business as safe as possible.

Check out more information on the different ways to log in here.