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🎉 Send Log - Auto Email 🎉

You now have an overview of all Emails send through our Auto Email.

You can see:

  • Who the Email is sent to.
  • The Labels attach to the Email.
  • When it's Sent.
  • When it's Delivered.
  • When it's Opened.
  • When and if the Email is clicked.
  • When and if the Email have Converted.
  • The Source of the Email (Campaign, Trigger or Test).
  • A Button for View the exact Email Content.


Store Usage Breakdown

We have made a section Store Usage Breakdown at the bottom of your usage dashboard, where we breakdown your account usages across your stores for better insights.


MagNews Audience Exporter

We have just released our MagNews Exporter, that give you the abillity to exporter your Clerk Audiences into MagNews.


📣 Content Recommendations have arrived 🔮

Content marketing is a common strategy for many e-commerce businesses. But it can be challenging to create a smooth shopping experience between a brand’s blog and their webshop.

This new release transforms the way customers discover and convert from your blog content with dynamic recommendation banners.

Start utilizing these 5 new logic's today:

  • ⭐️ Products related to a page
  • ⭐️ Best page alternatives
  • ⭐️ Pages related to a product
  • ⭐️ Pages related to a category
  • ⭐️ Categories related to a page




Exclude Recurring Day For Auto Email

It's now possible to exclude recurring day's for our auto email, like if your sending a Black Friday email flow, and want the Auto email to not running in the time period, or if you want it to be turned of the week day/days where you send out bigger news letters.


Sync Support For Magento 2 Multi Store Controlled By URL Params

We do now have full sync support for Magento 2 Multi Stores that control store shift from URL parameters.

Pages Search Improvements

We have improved our Pages search! We are now able to analyzing the content of the Pages and understanding what the content is about and by that include that in the way we handling searching for pages and the content inside the pages.

Email Support For Our Design Editor

We now have support for designing email templates in our design editor, You can now customize your email templates by just drag an drop to fit needs and preferences.


New Products & New Products in Category Recommendations

We have launched 2 new Product Logics…"New Products" and "New Products in Category".

  • New Products will show the newest product on your store.
  • New Product in Category will show newest product in the given category.

Advanced API status page

We have made an Api status page, you can see some more advanced API stats on each of your used API endpoints like… Hits, Results, Avg. Response Time and last but not least Success Rate. Advanced_api_status.png