Unified experience across all Clerk.io plug&play extensions

We have just released updates to all of our plug&play extensions.

The purpose of this update was to unify the features available and the overall experience of all extensions.

Here is the rundown up the improvements:

WooCommerce (v.1.7.0):

  • Toggle real time updates.
  • Toggle out of stock products.
  • Order range support for clerk importer.
  • Fixed issue with real time updates.
  • Better default image size (300x300).
  • Added plugin sersion number in settings.

Magento 1 (v3.7.0):

  • Toggle real time update.
  • Select product attributes in extension settings.
  • Order range support.

Magento 2 (v2.8.0):

  • Fixed URI generation issue.
  • Improved some logging messages.
  • Fixed Powerstepper double popup.
  • Resolved import of disable categories.

Prestashop (v4.4.0):

  • Toggle real time update.
  • Toggle out of stock products.
  • Added real time update.
  • Order range support.


  • Toggle out of stock products.
  • Select product attributes.
  • Order range support.

All extensions are available on our GitHub page now and on the individual app-stores shortly.

Search AI can now decouple compound words

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 11.08.43.png

One of the biggest challenges in building a search engine is handling the many ways we humans can spell the same thing.

We humans intuitively know that "art gallery" and "artgallery" is the same thing but such cases can be hard to detect for computers.

We have just released an improved version of our search AI that now can look at longer sentences and better understand the true meaning of a word - even if that word is spelled as several words by a user.

This takes us another step closer to our goal of a smoother shopping experience for customers with less friction. When they search they just find what they are looking for.

Centralised developer logs

One of the most time-consuming things when integrating software is debugging things that don't work as expected.

A majority of this is caused by the software not giving enough information on what is happening and what is going wrong. And if that knowledge is present it is scattered across different log files and services.

That why we now introduce centalised logs for developers. These logs give you information on everything that's going on behind the scenes and especially if anything doesn't work as expected.

Overview overall activity on a Clerk.io store.

All logs are by default stored in your my.clerk.io account so it can be easily accessed by store owners, developers and our support staff - drastically reducing debugging time!

Any log entry can be directly inspected for all details.

API request details.

This feature is available now for the Clerk.io API, store data sync, sync of audiences to all supported platforms, Clerk.js v2 and the latest version of the extensions for Magento 1 & 2, PrestaShop and WooCommerce.

Clerk.js v2 is now faster than ever!

In e-commerce speed is everything!

That's why we used a great deal of our summer performance optimizing the hell out of Clerk.js v2.

We managed to remove 47ms from the average Clerk.io result and more than 100ms from complex designs with lots of products.

With the new version, any result from Clerk.io loads faster than ever.

Improvements to the new my.clerk.io

Thank you!

Since the launch of the new my.clerk.io we have been working in close collaboration with all our customers to give it as much polish as possible.

We have received a ton of fantastic feedback and based on that made more than 50 smaller or bigger improvements.

There are too many to list them all but the biggest have better build in search navigation, setup page and a whole new way to see all the data you have synced with Clerk.io.

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 11.54.56.png

Again, thank you all for your help!

Our product team is now back focusing on building new great features that will make your Clerk.io working experience even smoother - stay tuned ;-)

Welcome to the new my.clerk.io

New Clerk.io Dashboard

We just launched a completely redesigned version of my.clerk.io.

With the new design, we have optimized every single pixel to make Clerk.io as easy to use as possible.

Simplicity and overview gives fast execution

The first thing you will notice is the brighter design and overall change in the main navigation.

From the top bar, you can now easily see what store or company you are on and with 2 clicks switch to any other store or company.

We have also introduced search-based navigation, so everything from stores and companies, over designs and audiences, to products and customers can be found just by doing a simple search. The search is context-aware and will adapt to whatever store or company you are currently on.

The top bar also enables you to give us feedback at any point, helping us to build an even more awesome Clerk.io experience for you.

Build in product feedback

Our livelihood is to give you the best product, so every single little piece of feedback is greatly appreciated!

A sharper focus on value

We have redesigned all our dashboards to clearly focus on the most important thing to you: How Clerk.io makes your customers more valuable to you!

Every dashboard now starts with the main KPIs and how Clerk.io improves them:

Main KPIs

On our main dashboard, you can now clearly see how each individual Clerk.io product impacts your main KPIs - both as totals and how your KPIs develop for each segment over time.

KPI value over time

Getting started quickly

Whether you are a long time Clerk.io customer just getting started with a new product or are completely new to Clerk.io, getting up and running quickly is of vital importance. The faster you get started, the faster you see results!

That's why we have revamped our setup guides to give you a clear overview of what's completed and what needs to be done.

New simplified setup guide

We hope you like the new design and that it makes you more productive with Clerk.io.

If you have any feedback we can't wait to hear from you either in the feedback section of our navigation or at feedback@clerk.io.