Comments, Variables and Functions in Clerk.js


We have just released the newest version of Clerk.js with a handy set of features for frontend developers.

Our template engine in Clerk.js is based on the Liquid template language and we have now added support for the following things:


You can now inline comments in your template with {% comment %} this is my comment {% endcomment %}.

Variable Assignment

You can now define new variables anywhere in your template with the assign keyword.

This can greatly help you reduce duplicated code by checking for something once and using it anywhere {% assign on_sale = product.price < product.list_price %}.


More complex calculations can now be handled by pure JavaScript functions by defining them in Clerk.js as globals and call them directly from any expression in the template.

Greatly Improved Design Editor

We have released a major re-write of or design editor.

Besides being vastly more stable we have also made some changes to the overall workflow both make it simpler to use for non-technical users while giving developers vastly better options for advanced changes without switching to full code mode.

image (5).png

image (4).png

Wordpress Extension v. 3.2.0

Wordpress v. 3.2.0 has just been released.

This does not include any new features but instead just fixes the following issues:

  • Using HTTP API instead of CURL
  • Removed Dashboard iframes
  • Include WP jquery Libraries.
  • Removed Debug Mode button.
  • Fixed Powerstep and extended the feature to work on all shop not use ajax add to cart also.
  • Ensure faceted search is always readers correctly when attributes have quotation marks in their names.
  • Added all_images for product export so all image sizes are available in

Trigger Merchandising for All Searches, Categories or Recommendations in a Single Click

Screenshot 2020-04-25 at 19.03.18.png

We improved our merchandising triggers with the option to target:

  • All Searches
  • All Categories
  • All recommendations

All of these before required targeting specific contents but are now accessible with a single click.

You Can Now Manage Your Entire Category Pages with

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 10.13.41.png now supports rendering your full category pages.

This means that you now can rank your entire category by Clerk.ios smart ranking while still providing you customers with a great experience in the form of dynamic facets and sorting by any attribute.

Combine this with our strong Merchandising and you can now give you customers an experience like never before.

Improved Search Analytics

We have improved our Search Analytics to make it easier for you to use your search data to understand customer demands and connect it to other systems such as your SEO tools by downloading all searches made.

Screenshot 2020-04-13 at 17.32.43.png

First, we have updated the design of our core KPIs to the added value of search to your sales is clear.

Screenshot 2020-04-13 at 17.32.54.png

We have added new search KPIs such as the number of searches with 0 results and the amount of misspelled results - and how much revenue we have saved through autocorrecting those misspelled searches.

Screenshot 2020-04-13 at 17.34.19.png

You can now also see all the searches that your customers misspell in a detailed table.

Design Editor Improvements

New features:

  • Vertically align content of any element.
  • Added Load more results button to full search page default design.
  • All Design Components now gets a unique id and class clerk-design-component-ID to easier alow for advanced custom styling via CSS.
  • Easily style keyboard navigation highlights for Instant Search.


  • All our Instant Search designs are now optimized for full responsiveness.
  • The Design Editor now shows exactly what you would see on your website (before it was just a mockup).
  • Fixed Design Editor drag-n-drop breaks if scrolling.
  • All clickable elements now have the cursor pointer.
  • The Design Editor, now only shows the style of the device type that's selected for preview.
  • Fixed component breaks if you type the wrong value.
  • Added quotes around images when inserted so URLs of some formats won't break.

WooCommerce Extension version 3.1.0

WooCommerce Extension version 3.1.0 is now live 🎉

The biggest change is that you now can send your customer data to's Customer Data Platform and use it directly in your marketing.

We have also fixed the following bugs:

  • Removed Header info from the wrong places.
  • Rebuild the stock sorting system.
  • Fixed SEO Yost no-name product attribute.
  • Removed all warnings caused by the plug-in.
  • Updated the Changelog in the readme file.

Magento 2 Extension version 4.0.0

Magento 2 Extension version 4.0.0 is now live 🎉

The main feature is that you can export all your Magento 2 customer data into's Customer Data Platform and use it in all your intelligent audiences.

Another big news id that you now easily can link our instant search bar to any input field using a CSS selector. This drastically increases setup times for designs not following Magento 2 std layout structure.

Besides that we have fixed all reported Magento 2 bugs:

  • Fixed missing : in front of formkey
  • Added support for installing a specific version with
  • Fix for faceted search key check
  • Handle comma-separated list with spaces
  • Handle Store View Settings
  • Removed Clerk Settings from default config
  • Correct price rounding and 2 decimals
  • Fixed Problem With Custom Product Attributes

Advanced Merchandising Features

We have just launched 2 new advanced features for our merchandising engine.

Custom Boost

Screenshot 2020-03-24 at 09.33.25.png

You can now fully customize how much you want to boost any given set of products in a merchandising campaign. You can even boost negatively to bury products you want to display less.

Multiple Conditional Triggers

Screenshot 2020-03-24 at 00.08.01.png

You can now choose if your campaign should be triggered by any of the triggers or only if all of the trigger conditions have been met.

This allows for more complex campaigns that only trigger when several conditions apply.

Custom API Orchestration

You can now trigger merchandising campaigns though Clerk.js or our API to build even more complex rules and conditions of your own without any limitations.