New Products & New Products in Category Recommendations

We have launched 2 new Product Logics…"New Products" and "New Products in Category".

  • New Products will show the newest product on your store.
  • New Product in Category will show newest product in the given category.

Advanced API status page

We have made an Api status page, you can see some more advanced API stats on each of your used API endpoints like… Hits, Results, Avg. Response Time and last but not least Success Rate. Advanced_api_status.png

Click Through Rate in Search Dashboard

We now show Click Through Rate on your Search Dashboard both an CTR overall but also on individuel CTR based on keywords.


Shopware 6 Importer API v1 => v2 rewrite

We have made a smaller rewrite of our Shopware 6 importer to use the Shopware API v2 insted of the v1 that is depricated in some of the newer versions of Shopware 6.

Category and Pages Search Supports Synonyms

Our search now support's synonyms for category and pages search, just like our prodduct search. That means you now have the power to inform our AI of synonyms that it doesn't detect automatically and improve the search for categories and pages. Now has Plug&Play Integrations to Dandomain, Smartweb and ScanNet (BETA)

After have acquired Dandomain, SmartWeb and ScanNet, new Dandomain customers is being onboarded on there new shopsystem and we do now have and Plug&Play Integration for the new system. At the same time we also added SmartWeb and ScanNet to the list of's Plug&Play platforms.

We still have the Plug&Play integration for customers on Dandomain's legacy shopsystem.

Being a Plug&Play platform means that all core features of can be added with little or no technical efforts. Our own support team has to be able to integrate a fully custom setup on the platform with all main features and designs in under 2 hours.

This also means that we now will do the integration on Dandomain, SmartWeb and ScanNet if you should not wish to do it your self.

Welcome to Plug&Play:




Data Sync and Exporter - Alert Emails

We have made it possible for you to recive an alert email if either your data sync or one of your exporters have failed.

You can add an email in your store settings (Settings in the side menu).


Email layout:

image (9).png

ActivCampaign Exporter re-write

We have released a major re-write of our ActiveCampaign Exporter.

  • You do now have the option to choose if you wanna export our audience as lists or tags.

  • We do now use version 3 of there API insted of version 1 (More speed).

  • Greatly improved performance (up to 110 times faster in best cases).

Content Activity

We now show Content Activity status on all contents.

It shows if the content have been used within the last 24 hours.

That means if the content have been used the last 24 hours it will show Active and Inactive if it not have been used.

image (8).png

Build-in - Help Center

We have now a build-in help center in 🎉

If you are in need of dokumentation or guides in, you can now click on the (?) in the top right corner and our help center will show you relevant articles and guides right inside based on what you are looking at i and what platform you are using.


We have also added small (?) symbols next to a lot of titles (subjects) in If you click on the symbol the help center will open and show you articles and guides relevant to the subject next to the symbol.