Magento 1 Extension version 4.4.0

Magento 1 Extension version 4.4.0 is now live 🎉

This does not include any new features only improvments and bug fixes:

  • Added instant search css selector.
  • Only set Clerk.js Lang if manuelly changed.
  • Fixed Powerpage sliders only loads one.
  • Fixed bug in real time updates.

Custom Attributes On Categories

We now support custom attributes on categories. You can now include image, description etc. to your data feed.

You can read our updated documentation on it here:

Magento 2 Extension version 4.1.4

Magento 2 Extension version 4.1.4 is now live 🎉

This does not include any new features only improvments and bug fixes:

  • Fixed major settings Bug (Fixes a lot of smaller bugs).
  • Only setting clerk.js language if it's changed manually.
  • Only syncing orders from the current store and not all stores.
  • Added product_type as standart product attribute to sync.
  • Incresed allowed memory use for PHP and Composer in
  • Removed multi entry of StoreManagerInterface.
  • Added StoreManagerInterface in constructor for version endpoint.
  • Fixed search page bug in clerk search page was deactivated.

Wordpress Extension v. 3.3.1

Wordpress v. 3.3.1 has just been released.

This does not include any new features but instead just fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed Facet Search bug.
  • Fixed Facet Search position bug.
  • Fixed pagination for products sync endpoint.
  • Removed log to file only supports log to
  • Better handling of facet search settings.

Visitor Profile Page

We have added a Visitor Profile Page to

You can now see how your visitor interact with our products on your store and get a more tecnical view of how we guide your customer to the right products.

This is a feature for the developers to debug individual user sessions.


New User Invitations

We added a proper user invitation flow for

Previously when you needed coworkers or consultants to access your account they were simply added and the user was available to log in by resetting their password.

We have now added a proper user to invite flow. When you want to add a user they will not be added directly but receive an email invitation. Outstanding invitations will be listed separately on the users' page and can be revoked as long as they are unused.

This just gives a more smooth experience for your new team members.

Shoporama Integration Improvements

We updated sour Shoporama integration to add support for custom attributes and improved the sales tracking.

Comments, Variables and Functions in Clerk.js


We have just released the newest version of Clerk.js with a handy set of features for frontend developers.

Our template engine in Clerk.js is based on the Liquid template language and we have now added support for the following things:


You can now inline comments in your template with {% comment %} this is my comment {% endcomment %}.

Variable Assignment

You can now define new variables anywhere in your template with the assign keyword.

This can greatly help you reduce duplicated code by checking for something once and using it anywhere {% assign on_sale = product.price < product.list_price %}.


More complex calculations can now be handled by pure JavaScript functions by defining them in Clerk.js as globals and call them directly from any expression in the template.

Greatly Improved Design Editor

We have released a major re-write of or design editor.

Besides being vastly more stable we have also made some changes to the overall workflow both make it simpler to use for non-technical users while giving developers vastly better options for advanced changes without switching to full code mode.

image (5).png

image (4).png

Wordpress Extension v. 3.2.0

Wordpress v. 3.2.0 has just been released.

This does not include any new features but instead just fixes the following issues:

  • Using HTTP API instead of CURL
  • Removed Dashboard iframes
  • Include WP jquery Libraries.
  • Removed Debug Mode button.
  • Fixed Powerstep and extended the feature to work on all shop not use ajax add to cart also.
  • Ensure faceted search is always readers correctly when attributes have quotation marks in their names.
  • Added all_images for product export so all image sizes are available in